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Wait, You’re NOT the Stereotypical Millennial?

Spencer/ May 27, 2016/ Life/ 0 comments

It’s a typical day: you’re in the bathroom browsing Facebook on your phone when you come across a post that goes something like “[insert odd number] Things EVERY Millennial [insert sweeping statement that all millennials can relate to].” By the end of the article, you’ve learned that basically every single millennial works two jobs (one is definitely with a trendy,

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Difficult People: Oh How We Love Them

Spencer/ May 24, 2016/ Life/ 0 comments

We all have to deal with difficult people at some point. Entrepreneurs will likely deal with far more difficult people than they might expect, simply because people in a powerful position have a tendency of being difficult. Whether at work, in line at the post office, or on stage defending your business idea, we will inevitably meet that difficult person

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Climbing a Ladder

Spencer/ May 11, 2016/ Motivation/ 0 comments

We use a ladder to help us climb things (if you didn’t already know this, this blog isn’t going to make much sense). Getting to the top can seem difficult and possibly even frightening, especially if you’re only looking at the top. However, as any acrophobe who’s climbed a ladder knows, you don’t look at the top, you look at

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The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Spencer/ April 21, 2016/ Entrepreneurship/ 0 comments

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet many entrepreneurs as of late. Much of this interaction has come through the Sontag Entrepreneurship Competition and Nevada Governor’s Cup. One thing I always seem to notice about entrepreneurs is how quick they are to come up with ideas, which leads me to a chicken/egg scenario. Are people with more ideas naturally inclined to

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