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Graduated? Growth Hack Your Network

Spencer/ May 14, 2016/ Growth Hacking/ 0 comments

Congratulations, you’ve finally crossed the stage and that college diploma is in the mail! What now? If you’re like many, you’re probably starting to apply for jobs, or maybe you’re an overachiever and you’ve already landed a job…or maybe you’re taking the leap and creating your own job (if this is you, give yourself a pat on the back, you’re

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Growth Hacking Pre Startup: Hi Future Customer

Spencer/ April 3, 2016/ Entrepreneurship, Growth Hacking/ 0 comments

What is growth hacking? Wikipedia defines growth hacking as a marketing technique which aims to attract users at a relatively low cost and primarily by means of technological integration. Guru entrepreneur, Sean Ellis, coined this term in a 2010 blog where he phrased growth hacking as “a person whose true north is growth.”  When put this way, what entrepreneur wouldn’t

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