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Another Box Store Down… Hello Small Startup

Spencer/ May 18, 2016/ Entrepreneurship/ 0 comments

With the announcement of yet another big box store – Sports Authority – closing all its stores, one might wonder what the future of the big box stores will look like going forward. In the last decade, we’ve grown quite used to this: Circuit City, Borders, Linens and Things, just to name a few. But why is this? And what does this

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Tales of a Young Entrepreneur: The Loan Shark

Spencer/ February 22, 2016/ Entrepreneurship, Humor/ 0 comments

After awhile, my golf ball business started to fall to the back-burner. I was getting close to 12 years old and was starting to have a lot on my plate. Evenings of searching for golf balls turned into baseball, football, and wrestling practice. Seeing the need to still have a steady stream of income (Pokemon cards weren’t cheap), I needed to

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