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Why Good Photography is Essential for Startups

Spencer/ June 15, 2016/ Photography/ 0 comments

Good photography is essential for startups. A photo has the power to instantly influence your perception of a brand and spark your curiosity. It’s important for entrepreneurs to understand this as they work to build their startup, especially in the beginning. Here are 4 reasons why: 1. Photography leaves more room for interpretation While video definitely has its place in

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Enterprising Ninja Wordsmith? Know Your Brand

Spencer/ March 19, 2016/ Entrepreneurship/ 0 comments

In his TED talk, The Greatest Ted Talk Ever Sold, Morgan Spurlock asks a multi-million dollar deodorant company about their brand, and everyone in the room hesitates to answer. Interestingly, when he goes around to ask average people what their brand is, a few of them can answer without hesitation. I wish I could answer this question with that same

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