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Wait, You’re NOT the Stereotypical Millennial?

Spencer/ May 27, 2016/ Life/ 0 comments

It’s a typical day: you’re in the bathroom browsing Facebook on your phone when you come across a post that goes something like “[insert odd number] Things EVERY Millennial [insert sweeping statement that all millennials can relate to].” By the end of the article, you’ve learned that basically every single millennial works two jobs (one is definitely with a trendy,

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Difficult People: Oh How We Love Them

Spencer/ May 24, 2016/ Life/ 0 comments

We all have to deal with difficult people at some point. Entrepreneurs will likely deal with far more difficult people than they might expect, simply because people in a powerful position have a tendency of being difficult. Whether at work, in line at the post office, or on stage defending your business idea, we will inevitably meet that difficult person

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Accepting Defeat? When to Throw in the Towel

Spencer/ April 15, 2016/ Entrepreneurship, Life/ 0 comments

Defeat is never easy to face. While even the most successful businesses will experience defeat at some point, for a young startup, defeat can feel like a hole that sinks the ship. Ucraft Brew recently experienced yet another defeat, walking away from the Nevada Governor’s Cup with no winnings. The pitch went well, the judges had a great feedback, yet

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Taking on Too Much? 9 Tips for Entrepreneurs

Spencer/ April 10, 2016/ Life/ 0 comments

Entrepreneurs are notorious for biting off more than they can chew. In many ways this a fundamental part of entrepreneurship; it takes a ton of work, being a self-starter is crucial, and sometimes we over exert ourselves when trying to juggle so many things at once (not many of us can just drop everything else we’re doing to focus on

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Tales of a Young Entrepreneur: Tax Season

Spencer/ April 8, 2016/ Entrepreneurship, Life/ 0 comments

Being a young entrepreneur wasn’t always easy. When the grass wasn’t growing, I had to figure out a way to keep a steady cash flow. I was getting close to 15 years old, and going to the movies with friends wasn’t cheap. A year earlier, I had saved up enough money to buy a new computer, with the intention of

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Tales of a Young Entrepreneur: Rollin in the Green

Spencer/ March 1, 2016/ Entrepreneurship, Life/ 0 comments

Between the golf balls and loan sharking, I had some pretty fruitful years as a young entrepreneur. Times were changing though. I knew loan sharking wasn’t something I could keep up and still have respect for myself, and my young, boyish charm couldn’t sell golf balls forever. My next venture was all about that green. I think you know the

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