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Pursuing an MBA: My Story of Grit

Spencer/ November 7, 2016/ Inspiration, Motivation/ 0 comments

Transcription On May 19th, 2017, I will cross a stage and have conferred upon me, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. It will have taken me 1,215 days to complete from the time I first stepped foot in a graduate classroom, though in reality it has been a much longer journey than that. I always knew I would pursue higher

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Reinventing the Wheel

Spencer/ April 29, 2016/ Entrepreneurship, Inspiration/ 0 comments

We’ve all heard the proverbial phrase “Don’t spend time reinventing the wheel,” and many of us don’t think much of it. Why is this? Was a round object that helps to transport things the crowning moment in human discovery? Did we literally find something that cannot possibly be improved up? When you think about it like this, maybe reinventing the

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Are You an Original Thinker?

Spencer/ April 28, 2016/ Inspiration, Motivation/ 1 comments

Adam Grant, author of the influential book Give and Take, recently gave a Ted Talk about some of the habits he’s discovered while researching original thinkers. He gives empirical evidence making a case for some of these habits, and some of them are actually surprising. Some of them include: Original thinkers and creatives tend to procrastinate more than their productive counterparts.

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The People Who Push Us

Spencer/ April 25, 2016/ Family, Inspiration/ 0 comments

Sometimes we’re fortunate enough to have people in our lives that push us. These are the people who don’t give up on us, even when we want to give up on ourselves. They tell us what we need to hear, even if we don’t want to hear it. For me, this was my dad. “Without someone to help push them

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Understanding Diversity in Entrepreneurship

Spencer/ April 6, 2016/ Entrepreneurship, Inspiration/ 0 comments

This evening I was fortunate enough to attend a very unique and exciting event known as Unity in Diversity. This was an event put together by the University of Nevada, Reno Graduate Student Association (GSA). This event sought to break down stereotypes and open people’s minds to the idea of embracing diversity. I got to eat food from other countries,

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First Big Failure: Check…

Spencer/ March 31, 2016/ Entrepreneurship, Inspiration, Motivation/ 0 comments

Losing sucks. Losing $50,000 sucks badly. Losing $50,000 when it’s all that stands between you and starting your business…sucks like you wouldn’t believe. So much so that it almost hurts. Ucraft Brew unfortunately lost the Sontag Entrepreneurship Competition, and thus a chance at winning $50,000 to help us launch our business. A little backstory may be in order. For the

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Girl Scout Cookies: Teaching the Right Skills?

Spencer/ March 8, 2016/ Entrepreneurship, Inspiration/ 0 comments

In honor of tomorrow (3/8) being International Women’s Day and it also being everyone’s favorite time of the year, Girl Scout Cookie season, I felt today’s post would be relevant. A few years back I posted on Facebook about this and it seemed EVERYONE had an opinion on it, so I thought I would revisit this topic since it’s that

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