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5 Ways Your Business Can Help Destroy Earth

Spencer/ April 22, 2016/ Humor/ 0 comments

Today is Earth Day, a Hallmark holiday dedicated to celebrating Earth’s birthday. Every year people spend millions of dollars on flowers and chocolate, which they then set out on their lawn to pay tribute to Earth. This has been going on for nearly 4.5 billion years. In honor of this wasteful day, I’ve come up with 4 and a half

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Run Your Startup like a $120B Meat Business

Spencer/ April 19, 2016/ Entrepreneurship, Humor/ 0 comments

Today I toured one of the biggest beef plants in the world – JBS of Greeley, Colorado. JBS is the largest beef producer worldwide and had $120 billion in annual revenue in 2014. The tour was an incredibly enlightening and disgusting experience. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good New York steak, I just wasn’t really interested in seeing

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Tales of a Young Entrepreneur: The Loan Shark

Spencer/ February 22, 2016/ Entrepreneurship, Humor/ 0 comments

After awhile, my golf ball business started to fall to the back-burner. I was getting close to 12 years old and was starting to have a lot on my plate. Evenings of searching for golf balls turned into baseball, football, and wrestling practice. Seeing the need to still have a steady stream of income (Pokemon cards weren’t cheap), I needed to

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